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Cryptoverse Early Access Playtest Goes Live

The Playtest explores a photorealistic unreal engine, 5 Metaverse, to help shape its future.

Early Access Playtest Registration 

Cryptoverse, an immersive 3D virtual world, has devised a means to invite its users to immerse themselves into the Metaverse of Everything. The team had experienced an exciting first year of development that featured a wildly popular LAND sale. This enabled users to acquire their virtual real estate. 

The Early Access Playtest will begin on the 25th of January, 2023, with about 500 players coming to test different core features coming to the Cryptoverse. These 500 will be among the first to experience the new immersive Metaverse. Registration for the Playtest has commenced and will end on the 18th of January, 2023. The successful applicants will be contacted on the 20th of January with full details on accessing the Cryptoverse Early Access Playtest. 

Cryptoverse Early Access Playtest highlights 

The Early Access Playtest, built with unreal engine 5, transports its user into a fully immersive virtual world with photorealistic graphics and many initial interactive social features. Pioneering participants will gain opportunities to explore the avatar tool and personalize their style. Furthermore, participants will be granted access to the Central Business District Area, a vast cityscape with intricate interiors. In addition, other features, such as racing through the streets in futuristic vehicles and attending presentations in event auditoriums, will be available. Users can also work alone or team up with other players to build structures using the intuitive in-game, real-time builder tool. 

The Playtest will host in-Metaverse competitions with unique rewards running throughout the event. Players can also earn from an exclusive POAP. In addition, a particular discord server will be made available for participants of the Playtest to provide feedback to the developers. This will help shape the evolution of the Metaverse. 

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