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Crystal Dynamics “to sunset” Marvel’s Avengers in 2023 — report

Crystal Dynamics is apparently preparing to “sunset” Marvel’s Avengers next year, according to a new report detailing the live service action-RPG’s troubled development.

According to a report from Exputer, Crystal Dynamics has “no plans for content in 2024” and will be looking to sunset Marvel’s Avengers in 2023, bringing an end to the troubled game’s time in the sun. You can play the game via Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass now, although how long you’ll have to earn all 50 Marvel’s Avengers achievements is anyone’s guess. While it sounds like the superhero-focused game will likely be leaving in the not-so-distant future, check out the games coming to Game Pass to see what else is on the cards for the service in 2023.

Crystal Dynamics has no Marvel’s Avengers content planned for 2024, sources claim

Exputer’s report details some of the events surrounding Marvel’s Avengers’ difficulties since its launch, which received quite a bit of criticism and saw Crystal Dynamics scrambling to release patches to fix the game’s problems. The situation didn’t really get better post-launch either, with more or less every content drop missing its targeted release date — such as the recent addition of the A.I.M. Cloning Lab endgame mission, which was only two years’ late, and the report claims “sat finished but was deemed unsuitable for release as a result of underlying networking issues and persistent bugs.” Many of the issues have been attributed to Crystal Dynamics’ long-in-the-tooth ‘Foundation’ engine and a lack of resources. Exputer says that the engine “accrued massive tech debt after generations of augmentation,” which is possibly why the studio decided to use Unreal Engine 5 for its next Tomb Raider project.

The lack of available resources for the developers, denied requests for additional team members, unrealistic deadlines, and unpaid overtime all reportedly led to low morale throughout the team, causing employee review scores to plummet and bonuses to be removed. The icing on the cake for the game, though, looks to be coming from its lead designer Brian Waggoner, who allegedly stepped into the position after Marvel’s Avengers’ previous lead Philippe Therrien moved over to assist with Perfect Dark. Waggoner recently had to apologise for numerous controversial tweets which took place over the course of ten years.

According to Exputer’s sources, Waggoner will be leaving Crystal Dynamics at the same time as Marvel’s Avengers is “sunset” in 2023. The studio had apparently only planned to support it for three-to-five years, so it’ll probably still just about be within their original time frame, if at the low end of the scale. While simply ending content support would be unlikely to impact the achievement list too badly (unless a late patch messed something else up on that front), any kind of termination of live services that might follow would wreak havoc, potentially rendering a fair chunk of the game unplayable and making much of the added content unavailable.

If you still need to finish the game, it’s probably best to start thinking about unlocking your final achievements sooner rather than later by the sounds of it. Will you be sad to see support for Marvel’s Avengers come to a stop? Drop a comment below and let us know!

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