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Cult of the Lamb – How to Cook Splendid Vegetable Feast

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In Cult of the Lamb you will spend a lot of time cooking for your followers. Here you will learn how to make a variety of dishes and what you need to make a Splendid Vegetable Feast.

In Cult of the Lamb you will have the opportunity to create a whole bunch of meals for your followers. And one of them is the Splendid Vegetable Feast, which is often requested by some members of the sect. Here you will learn how cooking works in the game and how to cook the aforementioned dish.

Cooking in Cult of the Lamb is associated with a simple mini-game. However, before you get to it, you must unlock this mechanic. You will do this as you progress through the storyline and it should not take you more than an hour.

Cult of the Lamb – how does cooking work?

Splendid Vegetable Feast – how to prepare?

You will find it by exploring more regions and fishing, as a given recipe will automatically appear on your list when you once collect all the ingredients needed to make it.

After selecting the appropriate meal, you can start cooking. In the course of it, you must press the appropriate button when the moving indicator is in the green area.

Splendid Vegetable Feast is a meal that your followers may request at some point. In addition, it offers additional bonuses in the form of loyalty and faith gains, so it is one of the best dishes in the game.

However, it requires the consumption of a considerable number of ingredients, a list of which you will find below.

  1. 6 beets
  2. 2 pumpkins
  3. 2 cauliflowers
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