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CyBall Launches Reborn v1.2 | PlayToEarn

The version is an upgrade from the previous version, and players will get to use Cyrums in-game and enjoy new features.

CyBall Reborn is now Available

CyBall has announced that Reborn v1.2 will be released on September 20 by 2 pm UTC. The previous version was released in August and saw many players participating in games. However, the game team noticed certain flaws and has made improvements in the new version. As a result, reborn v1.2 will be available on all devices, and the CyBall will be on lockdown from 12 pm to 2 pm to allow the team to make necessary preparations ahead of the release.

In this new version, players will get to use Cyrum in-game. They can deposit their Cyrums by going to the Profile tab, selecting the Cyrum(s) they want to move, and hitting the Deposit button. They must click on the Confirm button to complete the transaction.

However, once a Cyrum has been deposited into the game, it will expire 30 days from when it was deposited. Players can use the inventory screen to customize a Cyrum or remove it from the game.

Features of CyBall Reborn v1.2

This version offers better gameplay features than the previous version. They include a Replay feature that players can use to enter and exit penalty screens without the need to leave the replay, three new background music for matches, new background music for the Custom Room lobby, and new background music for replay. Players can also customize their team names instead of sticking to the default names.

The Custom room code can now be hidden for streaming purposes, and CyPower will undergo updates to show the effects of exhaustion tactic cards. The game team has removed its support from CyBall Classic as it will no longer be available.

The upcoming version 1.3 is already in the works, and players can use the spectator mode to watch matches until it is released in November.

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