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Dauntless joins the Halloween events with “Dark Harvest”

Dauntless join the events Halloween with “Dark Harvest”. This patch will not only be a Halloween event as they have also added quality of life improvements such as a kick for inactive players, compass improvements, and a button for Patrol Chests.

Light a candle and curse the darkness. The Dark Harvest returns to Ramsgate on October 24, and a new Hunt Pass opens on October 31: Haunted Shadows.

Below is the official press release.


A week of long nights and even longer shadows is about to descend on the city of the Slayers. Starting October 24, perpetual night sinks its fangs into Ramsgate, covering the city in eerie darkness. But this season of shadows is not all ruin and darkness. Expect to see glowing pumpkins, candlelit stalls, and the return of some of our favorite spooky items, including the “Arrived From The Depths” landing emote.


The new Hunt Pass Dauntless arrives on October 31, just in time to face the threat of The Hidden Ones. As in the previous pass, Slayers will be able to earn a full set of cosmetic armor at the base or elite path, in addition to the prestigious ultra armor set at level 50 elite path.

The Night Hunter theme of this pass also provides other haunted rewards, such as the “Ghost of a Dog” emote.


The Dark Harvest and Haunted Shadows aren’t the only things happening in 1.0.2. Take a look at some of the improvements coming in the October 31 patch.


As a small first step towards relaxing the pains of inactivity, we’ve added an inactivity kick timer to all hunts. Slayers left idle for three minutes will now automatically be returned to Ramsgate, freeing up the rest of the party to complete the hunt at an appropriate level of challenge.


We’ve added a bit more depth to the compass, making the important icons easier to see and de-emphasizing some less vital ones. This should make the compass easier to read and use, especially for Slayers working through a main quest line.


The Patrol Chest On/Off toggle button will now remember the previous option. (Previously it defaulted to On for each new patrol hunt.) Just don’t forget to turn it back on if you decide you want those extra rewards.

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