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Dead by Daylight kicks off limited-time Bone Chill event

Bone Chill kicks off today in Dead by Daylight as the game’s latest time-limited event, adding snowmen, themed map transformations, and more.

Bone Chill runs from today, December 8th in Dead by Daylight until January 4th, “bringing plenty of holiday atmosphere.” Check out the event trailer below.

Bone Chill begins in Dead by Daylight today

First up, there’s the “holiday transformation” of the Dead by Daylight maps — Behaviour Interactive says “Generators, Hooks, the Exit Gates, and the Basement have been updated with a festive aesthetic, offering a touch of joy amidst the horror. That is, until the Hook counter begins to climb…”

Snowmen are also back; eight snowmen will appear throughout the map for each trial, and this time, both Survivors and Killers can climb in one. “While inside a Snowman, a Killer’s Terror Radius will be suppressed, making them undetectable to Survivors. Though a Killer cannot use their Power while inside a Snowman, they can use it to lie in wait and ambush unsuspecting Survivors.” Meanwhile, the Bone Chill Event Tome has cosmetic rewards on offer for two levels of challenges, ranging from new outfits and “ugly sweaters” to weapons and Frosty Eyes.

Bone Chill runs until January 4th — Dead by Daylight’s Advent Calendar is also running until January 4th, offering daily giveaways for playing. Will you be heading into Dead by Daylight to try out Bone Chill? Let us know in the comments, and don’t forget to check all the games coming to Game Pass in the future!

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