Dead Island 2 should have gradually passed all the progress of the development. Including a second postponement, although the date of release seems promising.

It’s only three months since Dead Island released a concrete release date of 3 February. But the issue has already been settled back and forth because the developer announced that the date has now been pushed back considerably as well as the news from Twitter. The new date of publication is now April 28.

In a statement, developers at Dambuster Studios express their regrets, but hardly give very specific reasons except because they want to take the time to launch a game they can be proud of. So probably more bugfixing, polishing and perhaps optimizing a game mechanic.

At least there’s a small consolation, because the developers want to see the future of gameplay and a new trailer as part of an exhibition. The show will stream on Twitch, YouTube and Dead Island from December 6th.

The recent report on the game’s previous season isn’t really surprising given the twisted history the game has had – its announcement since it was announced in 2014 – so it’s not surprising. After several shifts in 2015, Yager Development has been kicked out of the process of developing software. After some long-time uncertainty, the game was disappearled, but many rumors show. Dambuster Studios was finally confirmed as a new developer in the summer. In spring of this year, there were first rumors about the release period that were confirmed in August.

Rise from Dead Dead Island 2 video preview.

The biggest announcement at gamescom has been the Dead Island 2 release. For years the time was long forgotten. This has now come back and we can play it easily.