Are you the first to revive an almost forgotten genre? Sofa cowboys had to take by without a proper software for long, but in a few months, Wild West will be releasing two titles this year. While Dead Mans Hand turned out to be a mixed-up first-person shooter, Rockstar relies on terrible 3rd-person action in the Max Payne tradition. After discovering the secrets of Red Harlow, the taciturn bounty hunter has been looking for murderers and then wanders through the prairie.

Your virtual vendetta extends over 27 chapters from the dusty trading posts to the dark cave labyrinths and canyons to Brimstone. This settlement later serves as a safe base: open up in the saloon with hard-drinking people, sell guns to the arms dealer, or hire a local sheriff for lucrative jobs. The peaceful hustle and bustle of Red Dead Revolver, most a fraction of its rudeness, becomes more complicated. Similarly, the shamor or the icebreaker – this is actually a much more difficult one, except those with tarot in the hands of a single black rhino. For cowboy killers it is in Reds holster: From the helmet, to the carbine rifle, to the silver rifle a shooting club can be targeted with a right stick. This is not to blame for precarious situations; its creator uses his special ability Dead Eye, which gives you the ability to freeze the game at the button to try and catch a bunch of enemies and his other body parts at leisure. When a slow motion is finally approaching, Mister Harlow scoldes with a blow of ammunition. Even though an offensive approach doesn’t necessarily lead to success, it can lead to battle over superior rival power. Clever Western heroes tend to pick their hats out or shoot from a safe cover.