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Death Stranding Director’s Cut Should Not be Called “Director’s Cut” – Hideo Kojima

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Death Stranding Director’s Cut’s name has caught the eye of many, mostly because- well, because it doesn’t make much sense. The original release was already basically a director’s cut, what with Kojima having made it with his own independent studio and having had full creative control over what shape the game takes and what is and isn’t included in the final product.

As it turns out, Kojima himself, too, thinks the upcoming PS5 version of the game shouldn’t be called “Director’s Cut.” In a couple of recently published tweets, Kojima pointed out that a director’s cut for a movie usually includes scenes that were removed from the original cut against the director’s wishes for some reason or the other, and since Death Stranding Director’s Cut isn’t about adding in cut content as much as it is about adding completely new content, in his opinion, it shouldn’t be called that.

Perhaps the same can also be said about the upcoming Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut, and one might be led to wonder if the naming convention is perhaps a Sony decision more than it is a developer decision.

Either way, Death Stranding Director’s Cut is out for the PS5 on September 24.

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