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Deathloop Receives New Gameplay in Short Trailer

Arkane Studios’ Deathloop is still on track for release in May and the official PlayStation Twitter has a new trailer. It’s fairly short but explains the premise very well. There’s also some new gameplay to be had, showcasing the different abilities and weapons (including a mini-gun) that players can wield. Check it out below.

The story focuses on Cole, who ventures to Blackreef island to take down eight targets. Due to strange experiments that occurred on the island, it’s stuck in a time loop, causing Cole to relive the same couple of hours upon dying. Thankfully, he retains his memories after every loop, allowing him to learn more about his targets. Meanwhile, Agent Julianna works to thwart him (which allows other players to invade you).

Deathloop releases on May 21st for PS5 and PC, and is a one-year timed exclusive for the former. Though Bethesda was recently acquired by Microsoft, the timed exclusivity deal will still be upheld. Stay tuned for more details and hopefully more gameplay in the coming months.

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