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Defiance 2050 launches today for free on PC, PS4 and Xbox One

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It’s been in early access for VIP players for a few days now but it’s officially launched today Defiance 2050 Free for everyone. the game will be available on Steam and the Xbox One and PS4 stores from this afternoon at 19:00 CET Spain time.

Defiance 2050 is the relaunch/remake of the mythical MMOFPS Defiance that has changed the progression system and objects and added a small graphical improvement.

What’s new in Defiance 2050?

Defiance 2050 is a free-to-play cooperative sci-fi shooter that takes the compelling story, universe, and gameplay of the original game and vastly improves on the core systems. Unlock 1 of 4 base classes to start with and unlock more through free play.

The new classes they include the versatile Assault, the deadly Assassin, the protective Guardian, the support Combat Medic, and the explosive Demolitionist, each of which add their own benefits to any group.
The new improvements on items allow for more customization and power to your arsenal. Upgrade, reroll, and unlock bonuses for weapons you find and discover new weapon prototypes, like Venom Spitter’s infernal infusion.
new graphic updates for Xbox One, PS4 and PC, along with quality of life improvements to enhance your gaming experience.

In the absence of a newer trailer here I leave the developers playing a little game



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