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Defiance will withdraw the auction house

The last great feature of Defiancethe auction house, already has an expiration date. Trion Worlds This has been confirmed in a press release, and it is that the auction house has been a technical disaster since it was launched two months ago.

According to Trion Worlds, this decision comes after seeing the amount of problems without solution who was producing this new system. They have tried to solve them but they have not been able to and the stability of the MMOFPS was at stake.

So, as of today, July 25, players will not be able to put any more items in the auction. The studio says that the auction will be permanently out of the game in a few weeks.

All players who have had the premium active during one of these two months will receive another 30 days of pattern for free.

More details on the official site of Defiance and his FAQ.


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