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Destiny: $500 million on its first day

Activision has revealed that the sales of destiny during the first day they have been a success. Bungie is in luck because the expected MMOFPS has raised 500 million dollars in just 24 hours, thus more than paying for all the cost of developing the game. The hype around the game is such that thousands of stores opened their doors at midnight to get hold of the game.

The CEO of Activision, Eric Hirschberg stated, “From the beginning, we have been confident that our investment and effort in Destiny would pay for itself. But not many people believed that we were going to be able to get it back in a single day. We are more confident than ever that Destiny will become an icon in the franchise and that it will be another billion-dollar franchise on Activision.”

Currently the game has been announced for PC in the future, with no date, but for now it is only available for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One in both physical and physical versions. digital from its own official website.


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