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Destiny: Beta Impressions by Framara

A few days ago the beta ended destiny, and the only thing we had brought you was the infographic that explained its success. The problem is that none of the publishers have a new generation console, we are more of a PC.

So we turned to a good friend of ours, who has already helped us with the impressions of Diablo III for PS3, Framara. A couple of weeks ago he wrote some very complete first impressions that will be very useful for you to know what Destiny is and what to expect from him. From here our most sincere thanks for sharing with us the impressions of her beta.

Human beings have always looked at the stars with infinite questions; he has contemplated the Universe and yearned to know it, to conquer it. Timidly embark on the journey to the Moon, set foot on neighboring planets, then perhaps in nearby solar systems and move between galaxies one day.

Hundreds of science fiction books and movies feed this long-awaited dream. Isaac Asimov, one of the biggest contributors to the genre, wrote in ‘The End of Eternity’ that the greatest danger to humanity is losing interest in interstellar travel; journey that should be ours Destination.

Little is known of Destiny’s history at this point, but what we can be sure of is that it is in the spirit of Asimov and many other writers who fantasized about the stars. In the first alpha we could hardly see content related to the plot of the video game. Now with the beta Bungie has been good and has shown us the first hours of the game, including the great intro video as well as some other enigmatic sequence that gives us a little more context.

The first humans have finally arrived on Mars. We thought it was a dead planet, perhaps millions of years ago it could have had a splendor that we don’t know now, but today it is a great red rock. No one imagined that we would find the Traveler there; the large white sphere that we have seen so much in the promotional images. Through this humanity reaches a golden age when it comes to the space raceprogressing faster than we ever dreamed of.

But the Traveler has not come alone. A darkness hangs over him that chases him through the confines of the Universe. The Traveler is damaged and needs the help of the guardians to push back this darkness. We don’t know more but we love what they have revealed with a dropper or maybe it’s the hype speaking for us.

The beta shows us the first hours of Destiny. Not really knowing what’s going on, but you need a weapon and soon. The first missions will teach us the basic movements as well as the objects we need so that our guardian can embark on his adventure beyond planet Earth.

Human, Awoken or Exo. Titan, hunter or sorcerer. These are the three races and three classes, respectively, that we can choose when creating our guardian. The races do not offer any difference beyond the aesthetic that we want to give our character; classes do play a more decisive role.


The Titan corresponds to the strength-based class in any RPG, the Warrior. The hunter would make use of agility like a rogue or assassin. Finally, the sorcerer would look for intellect like a classic magician. Each one with a different kit and style of play.

Destiny is a pseudo-MMORPG shooter where we can explore and do missions either alone, with friends, and with random people from around the world; being a much more complete experience sharing the adventure with acquaintances with the use of microphone and headphones. It promises to be a very fun title where hours go by without us realizing it.

An exciting gameplay, without being a fast-paced Quake, where the enemies have a bar of life points and level that will mark the difficulty, at its purest RPG style. The handling of the weapons when aiming and shooting is excellent due to its agility and speed, the best I’ve tried so far.

The beta has a total of four mission maps, one for free exploration and a dungeon, Lair of Demons. To play online is Destiny (PS4) it will not be necessary to be a Plus member, as many other titles require; although it will be for the dungeons or raids, which in my opinion is the most fun part: longer and more difficult instances with bosses that will test our ability and we will be generously rewarded for it. This in regards to PvE (player versus environment).

For competitive mode there is an area called The Crucible where players can fight each other in the purest Unreal Tournament style, among others. In the current beta there is only one map enabled for it, and exceptionally and temporarily they added The Iron Banner for an event. Personally I am not very active in this game mode, perhaps because I am a jerk, but in online games I focus more on advancing in PvE.

And finally La Torre, where El Viajero rests. A city in the purest Mass Effect style where we will find vendors of all kinds of objects for the guardian, mission contracts, deposit of objects and many people dancing because this action has caused a furor since the first alpha and people want to dance. There is an unwritten rule among Destiny players that says that after completing a mission successfully you have to dance together with your companions.


For better or for worse, the beta only allows us to reach level 8, so in a matter of four hours we will no longer gain more experience but we will continue playing despite this because we have loved Destiny and September is still a long way off.

Bungie said that they still don’t know what will happen to the characters created during the beta. There is a possibility that they will keep them in the release version, although it depends on the incidents that are reported during the testing phase. For my part, I would like this to be the case, since I have played and replayed each mission to excess in both the alpha and the beta. I still understand that it wouldn’t be fair to those who are getting into Destiny for the first time in September. In any case, it is a decision that is out of our reach.

Graphically it is a delight and I don’t think it will get better or worse for the final version. Scenarios with that touch so fashionable in Hollywood with supersaturated blue / orange colors that look great on you. The beta is very robust at this point and little is going to change anymore. The interface blends into the screen in a flat, minimalist and elegant way. The music is the best that Destiny has, becoming epic depending on what moments of the mission.


We will be able to enjoy Destiny only until July 27, so take advantage of this wonder while we can. Although if things go well Bungie could have created a game for the entire current generation. I hope so!

Author: Framara

Source | http://framara.es/blog/2014/07/destiny-beta/


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