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Diablo Immortal’s Warbands Now Suck Just a Bit Less

Warbands remain one of the most hated elements of Diablo Immortal. Blizzard rolled out a minor update that only irritated the players.

It seems that the warbands in Diablo Immortal are still a bone of contention between Blizzard and the players. In the latest mini-update, their operation was improved, although fans continue to stand firm on their position, claiming that they should not be in the game at all.

The changes to the warbands were part of the update from two days ago. It mainly concerned the start of Season 3, which has been running in the game since yesterday. Diablo Immortal players however, were interested in the change in warbands, which looks as follows:

What has changed about warbands?

Removal is the best solution

What’s more, this is to be one of many changes that will cover this aspect of the game. This, of course, fails to respond to player protests, who want warbands to leave Diablo Immortal for good.

As you can guess, the reaction from the community has been instantaneous, with players leaving no stone unturned in their dissatisfaction of warbands. More posts appeared, the main message of which was that Blizzard should get rid of warbands.

There was no shortage of similar reactions, although there were also some more forgiving players. Indeed, they suggested that Blizzard should leave warbands in DI. The catch is to incorporate them into clans, so players won’t have to search for “randoms” only to discard them when they are no longer active.

What also rubs Diablo Immortal players the wrong way regarding warbands, is that they are needed to unlock certain bonuses or make progress in the Hero’s Journey.. Some people simply prefer to play on their own, and for such players (and a number of others who hate this element) warbands are just a hindrance.

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