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Diablo IV will not have an auction for real money

This weekend Diablo IV has unveiled not only its logo, or three of its five classes. The studio has also talked about various future aspects of the game. The one that concerns this news is one of my favorites: the auction house.

In an interview with polygonal, executive producer Allen Adham, art director John Mueller, and game director Luis Barriga have spoken about the trade and auction. Diablo IV will not have an auction house, neither for gold, nor for real money, as Diablo III did. Blizzard seems to have learned the lesson and promises its most loyal followers a form of commerce that will not be the one we saw in the previous title.

Another point to mention from the interview is that the team is working to avoid server problems with Error 37 on launch day and is already designing a strategy for this.

The interview with Allen Adham ends by noting that Diablo IV hopes to get a better content cadence and sentence that it has a development team created from scratch that will be dedicated to it.

Source | polygonal


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