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District 9 Director Will Use His Talent in Battle Royale Game

We’ve learned the title of the game developed by Neill Blomkamp – the film director known for District 9, among others – a cyberpunk „battle royale 2.0” called Off the Grid.

Last July we informed that Neill Blomkamp is now working at Gunzilla Games. This movie director, who was behind the camera of such blockbusters as District 9 and Elysiumwas supposed to be responsible for leading the creative team to take a specific artistic direction in a certain then undisclosed game – appropriate to its gameplay and “architecture”.

Taking into account his achievements, even then it was possible to assume that it will be a science fiction game. And that was confirmed – we know it thanks to GameSpot‘s interview with the said director. There was a great opportunity to do so, because Gunzilla Games decided to finally reveal its game. How about a cyberpunk-style battle royale shooter? This is what Off the Grid presents itself to be.

“Battle royale 2.0”

Plot and setting

Neill Blomkamp calls the title a “battle royale 2.0” – suggesting that the developer aims to revolutionize the genre. How?

The story is to enable us to throw ourselves into the fire of corporate war, in which three factions fight for access to a space elevator located on a dystopian tropical island, leading to an asteroid. The possibility of obtaining its valuable resources is, of course, a chance to get rich, so the fight is to be extremely bloody, full of assassination and sabotage. The decision on the side of which of the groups (unrevealed so far) we will stand to gain glory and market share will depend only on us.

It’s hard to say what will come out of this project, but it seems to be worth keeping an eye on. You can be rather calm about the cohesion of the setting as Neill Blomkamp has a lot of experience in creating convincing worlds, which are the background for a fight between megacorporations. Until 2023 we will surely get more information about both them and Off the Grid in general.

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