Immediately included in the launch of the new PlayStation Plus, Tekken 2 turned out to be one of the most popular titles of the past, even after the renewed service of Sony, which enabled players to rediscover one of the most beloved fighting games of the first PlayStation.

The second episode of the series marks the end of the eternal family war of the gods Mihima, whose semblance would be regarded as the scene of the evil devil fight of the second-ever God, for whom the first game took place in a deed. Who won the two Tekken tournament? Heihachi Mishima triumphed and defeated his son Kazuya, who turned into his demonic alter ego Devil in the finale of Iron Fist Final.

Heihachi’s revenge against Kazuya rebuked by throwing him in the active volcano and finally returned to the king of his empire, Mishima Zaibatsu. Kazuya leaves the scene right now: He is actually excluded from Tekken 3. As a result, he will leave room for his son Jin Kazama. After a successful appearance in the non-canon game, Tekken Tag TournamentKazuya is taking his triumphant return to Tekken 4 and finally brings back the name of Bandai Namco.

Did you know that Tekken 2 was sold for $9999 for the PS Store USA? A technical error caused the curious reaction of Katsuhiro Harada director.