In two days, a Blizzard Entertainment poll made many discontent among gamers eagerly awaiting Overwatch 2. How why were you so angry? She asked for her opinion on the $15 mythic skin.

The high and well over industry average figure scared hero shooters, and some of them already worried about the free-to-play drift productions. In such a situation, Blizzard felt compelled to ask questions about the nature of overwatch 2 skins, explaining that it is not feasible for such a high price. This study was designed to understand the preferences of gamers about different cosmetics in which there are different types of Overwatch 2 skins. The prices shown in the survey were randomized for every individual user e they aren’t indicative of the end of the product. For the same reason, the survey suggested that it was worth a hundred dollars, not surprisingly, to other users a price, of 14,99 dollars. This is a much cheaper price and more affordable than the products usually offered in similar markets.

The prices for cosmetic products and other paid content will be revealed shortly before the launch of Overwatch 2, which we remember is scheduled for October 4, 2022.