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DOOM Eternal Update 4 Patch Notes Revealed

The DOOM Eternal update 4 patch notes have been confirmed by Bethesda today, which adds a bunch of key content for the critically acclaimed shooter plus a number of fixes and improvements.

DOOM Update 4 Patch Notes

Updates and Improvements for ALL platforms


  • Added Quick Swap loading screen tip for BATTLEMODE and Campaign
  • Added a third Live Tile on the Main Menu


  • Added End of Level Event Preview functionality which allows players to learn more about the items on their current live event progression track

Main Campaign Fixes for ALL platforms

  • Fixed an issue introduced in Update 3 in which completed mission challenges displayed as 0%
  • Fixed an issue introduced in Updated 3 in which players could not access Master Levels from the kiosk in the Fortress of DOOM
  • Fixed an issue in which backing out of a Party while playing the campaign on Ultra Nightmare difficulty caused the Party Tab in the Social menu to lose functionality

DOOM Eternal: The Ancient Gods – Part One Fixes for ALL platforms

  • Fixed a crash after skipping the Facility Destruction cinematic after the Marauder fight in UAC Atlantica
  • Fixed an issue in which the player can remain swimming in the air after leaving the water in certain situations
  • Fixed an issue in which entering water immediately after a checkpoint save could generate a bad state if the player exited the game before reaching another checkpoint

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New BATTLEMODE Updates for ALL platforms

  • Fixed an issue where the Demon player’s spawned-in Carcass’ Seismic Furrows attack did not deal damage to the Slayer
  • Increased Slayer velocity when using the Super Shotgun Meathook mod

BATTLEMODE Fixes for ALL platforms

  • Fixed an issue where the player Archvile’s fireballs may follow a canted trajectory when fired at an angle through the Flame Wall
  • Fixed an issue where the milestones, “Extinction-Level Slayer” and “Aggressive Transfusion” did not track progress in BATTLEMODE
  • Fixed an issue where resetting Demon controls to default only reset the Archvile controls
  • Fixed an issue where the Slayer player nameplate would sometimes briefly linger on the demon player’s HUD after a teleport
  • Fixed an issue on PC in BATTLEMODE where the playable Revenant’s self-damage was much lower than expected

Known Issues – ALL platforms

  • Issue: I’m a Windows Store/Windows GamePass customer and noticed that game invites from the Xbox Live app aren’t working. Is there anything I can do about this?
  • Resolution: This is a known issue that we are working with our partners on the Xbox team to resolve. Stay tuned for updates.
  • Issue: I’ve noticed that a community-created mod I’ve been playing no longer works after the latest update.
  • Resolution: DOOM Eternal doesn’t officially support community created mods. Community mods may not function as expected.

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