The Dota Pro Circuit 2023 (PC 2023) is approaching the New Year’s start. This highly anticipated Division 1 bracket starts before January 9. High-profile teams like Team Secret, Liquid, Team Spirit, and International 11 Champions, Tundra Esports, will compete to qualify for the first major in the 2023.

Before we get there, we can get a jam packed schedule or maybe two more days off for teams depending on their seasons outlook.

Shorter, more efficient DPC 2023 Tours.

The upcoming season of DPC 2023 is going to be shorter but more matches each week. This is nine tournaments per region weekly, where the majority of players play three and three.

In contrast, past DPC seasons consist of sections 1 and 1 that last twice as long. While some fans would agree that more games per week during the DPC will rely on the player’s flexibility, it comes at the expense of inconsistent coverage of players time.

DPC 2023 The Western Europe Division 1 Schedule.

New opportunities for third parties competitions.

Most likely third-party tournaments like ESL One or WePlay Omega League were all the rage. The first majors had to give away the DPC Tour and had a bit of pressure, so felt rushed. Hence, as a more affordable alternative, tournament organizers resorted to online tournaments where divisions often feature teams or, at best, one or two divisions that don’t qualify for majors.

Worse yet, Major-qualified teams don’t often play tournaments and would withdraw if they received direct invitation. Just think about how the ESL one Mumbai introduced a panned a team to the aforementioned five typhoons.

The declining trend of grand tournaments that once rivaled Valve-sponsored events is greatly bad for the Dota two community. Fewer tournaments have the lowest potential to invest in a lively audience.

Burnourt and working excessively in sports have become more successful.

Contrary to popular belief, esports players have more freedom to play than physical sports players. Although long duration in any sport is synonymous with postmatch physical fatigue, esports players can play a lot of games with short breaks. In fact, most esports orgs enforce strict training rules that allow players to play at least eight hours of games without having access to their mobile phone for discipline purposes.

After a bad match, many people fear psychological fatigue. That means it can’t be said that teams gain momentum after their first matches in order to lose a match against other opponents.

Ivanov, Clement Buben from Team Secret

And no matter how difficult they are, then you will take us short notice. If not for a while, the captain of team secrets, Clement Puppey Ivanov, also had a similar attitude to the enemy nativity-dominated seasons. To quote Puppey, please!

I can’t understand why I need 3 weeks to qualify for a tournament. I’ve got to do that for about three days.

How do we benefit from shorter local leagues?

Considering that a year ago, the DPC ended the season with six days left to shorter the regional leagues, we can assume that indirectly this sheds light on the Dota 2 situation.

Beyond The Summit, which popularized the Esports production studio recently, released a statement that it stated that the company didn’t host any Dota 2 tournaments for the next season. Although BTS hosted most regional leagues across South-East Asia and North America, there wasn’t a major.

With more calendar flexibility between Valve and DPC, we will be hosting the third-party tournament again, and teams can decide easily if they want a mental break or a constant grind.

Similarly, the crypto platform Noun DAO is currently hoping to fund a million dollars for the Dota 2 LAN tournament. Jake Slacks Kanner, WePlay Esports and Kyle melonzz Freedman proposed the idea of a NOUNSVITATIONAL (moreover, that’s good start).