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Dual Universe – 10 minutes of gameplay show us its potential

We were impressed when we saw during the last E3 the trailer of Dual Universe. And we weren’t the only ones after that trailer and all the comments and doubts that have arisen, the developers have wanted to leave us 10 minutes of unedited video basically showing us part of the technology that drives the game.

the system of free construction. The worlds dynamically generated. The ability to create functional and huge objectsLike the space station. transit from planet to space no loading screens. youodor the world playing on the same universe (server). All these are some of the things that caught our attention in that first trailer and that are shown to us a little more today.

Anyway let’s not forget that this is still a PRE-ALPHA technique. Come on, for the moment they are focusing on setting up all the systems that allow us to do everything we have seen, but it is still far from being a “game”.

We will see closely how the project progresses and if it really achieves everything it promises.


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