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EA is Making Iron Man Game Directed by Guardians of the Galaxy Co-writer

Electronic Arts has officially confirmed that it is developing a game about Iron Man. The whole thing is to be overseen by Olivier Proulx, senior producer of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, released last year.

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Rumors from August that Electronic Arts was to work on a game about Iron Man have been confirmed. The publisher reported, that Montreal-based Motive Studio – the creators of Star Wars: Squadrons and the upcoming Dead Space remake – will be responsible for this title about the adventures of Tony Stark (in partnership with Marvel Games).

The game is to be a third-person action adventure game, oriented on single player. The title is currently in pre-production. It has not revealed when and on which platforms it will be released.

By the way Electronic Arts has announced that it also has plans for several other Marvel-licensed games..

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