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Elden Ring Modder Axes Erdtree To Improve Performance

Do you know that big yellow tree in Elden Ring? Maybe you missed it. It looms over every area and even has a few little saplings of its own sprouted about. Turns out it’s the root of a few performance issues, so one modder has axed it. Now it won’t cut down your FPS. Too many tree puns?

It’s giant and has a lot of particles given it’s not just a big tree but a big glowing magical tree that, at one point in the game, even sets on fire. It becomes a blazing inferno hovering over everything. Dark Souls 3’s ever-changing eclipse was one thing, but this is a whole new level. Luckily, we have K4richard to thank for their handy little FPS boost mod, Remove Erdtree (FPS Boost).

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