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Elden Ring Smithing Stone locations (2022 updated)

Smithing Stones are resources used to upgrade weapons in Elden Ring.

These consumable items are, while not especially rare, are hidden and useful enough that you’ll want to know where to find them as soon as possible.

When paired with one of the best weapons in the early game, it’ll put you on track to surviving some of the more challenging areas in Limgrave and beyond – as well as the mighty Margit.

This page is not a comprehensive collection of all locations, what follows are locations of some easy to find Smithing Stone locations so you can start upgrading quickly.

Looking for direction? Our what to do first in Elden Ring page can help.

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Where to find easy Smithing Stone 1 locations in Elden Ring

Though you’ll find the occasional Smithing Stone location in the overworld or dungeon, there are two recommended locations where you can find a group of Smithing Stones quickly and easily.

One recommended Smithing Stone location is amongst a field of trolls in Stormhill, which is the region where you’ll find Castle Stormveil.

Specifically, you’ll want to head north-west from Gatefront in the direction of the castle, then go north-east.

In the middle of the troll field is a statue that is glistening. Lure a troll over so it attacks near the statue, knocking it open. Inside you’ll find six Smithing Stone (1) – a tidy quantity this early in the adventure.


This area is also one of our recommended early game rune farming spots, as Trolls are worth 1,000 Runes each.


Once you have settled on a starting class and starting Keepsake item,

you should first work out how to level up, how to respec and use Ashes of War.

Need some direction from there? Try finding map fragments, Golden Seeds, Talismans and some of our best weapon and best armor set choices.

If you want to improve your prowess, then we recommend rune farming – especially before taking on

Magrit, Godrick the Grafted, Crystalian, Leonine Misbegotten, Starscourge Radahn (required as part of the Ranni quest), Red Wolf of Radagon and Renalla Queen of the Full Moon after you have found the Glintstone Key location.

The other recommended Smithing Stone location is Limgrave Tunnels. This is a dungeon in the north-west corner of Lake Agheel, and is a mine-like location with lifts and enemies working away at the stone walls.


It’s these points where you can find Smithing Stone (1) locations. Though it’s possible to quickly grab these then flee, you’ll likely have to take on the enemy first. They are tougher than you think – so it’s worth coming back when you level up if you are thinking of coming here right from the start of the game.


Exploring the dungeon fully should net you 6-8 Smithing Stone (1) in total – as well as a few of the Sober variety too.

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