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Elder Scrolls Online Kicks Off Its Heroes Of High Isle Community Event On September 29

ZeniMax is encouraging Elder Scrolls Online players to explore High Isle for a chance to earn rewards for the entire community in its upcoming Heroes of High Isle event. From September 29th to October 11th, players can help fill a communal event meter by visiting different locations on the island and completing the Pathfinder achievement. The actual locations to be visited won’t be listed but the Achievements menu will offer hints on where to go.

Filling up the meter will reward everyone with various in-game goodies at certain milestones, including the Oak’s Promise markings and the Plant Yourself emote. Filling it up to 100% will reward players with the Ascendant Hoard Box, an Appleback Salamaner pet for ESO Plus subscribers, and a mystery reward which will be unveiled a few hours after the event begins, during the Legacy of the Bretons Autumn Event livestream that’s scheduled to go live at 12 p.m. PDT on September 29th.

Players who’ve already completed the Achievement will still be able to help fill the event meter and will have their contribution automatically added to the count when the event begins.

Bonus rewards are also up for grabs upon completing the Heroes of High Isle introductory quest and daily event quests. Players will also be able to earn event tickets which they can trade in at the Impresario tent for Soulfire Dragon Illusion pet fragments, Daggerfall Paladin outfit fragments, Oaken Order style pages, Companion guild commendations, and group repair kits.

The full event details can be found on the Elder Scrolls Online official site.

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