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Elemetals brings a Death Metal Death Match to Xbox and Switch

RedDeerGames have slowly and surely found a place in our gaming lives with some glorious little titles. Having started with the likes of Little Mouse’s Encyclopedia and the gorgeous Under Leaves, it’s that team who have seemingly hit the other end of the gaming spectrum, releasing Elemetals: Death Metal Death Match to the masses. 

Available for purchase and download today for around £6.69, whether you’re playing on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S or Nintendo Switch, Elemetals: Death Metal Death Match is a killer new multiplayer focused platformer in which ultra explosive action, total chaos and absolutely no mercy are right at the fore. 

It’s giving Xbox and Nintendo Switch players the chance to bang their heads like never before, as they look to crush the opposition in heavy metal style. You see, if you win, you get to return your soul to your body. Fail and life fails to find a way…

Elemetals will look to push you in multiple ways too. Whether that be the challenging traps, the demonic metalhead characters, the unique mechanics of the thirty stages in place, death and destruction – and metal – awaits. 

The key features of this 2-4 players fightathon include:

  •  – Unique dash mechanics
  •  – Lots of difficult challenges  
  •  – 6 demonic metalhead characters 
  •  – Epic and intense fights  
  •  – 30 challenging levels across
  •  – 3 deadly realms reactive metal sound effects created by Fat Bard

Keep an eye out for a review from us soon. In the meantime, you’ll find Elemetals: Death Metal Death Match on the Xbox Store for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. It’s also on Nintendo Switch. 

Game Description:

Death is not the end Hold on to your soul. Fight death by mashing the corresponding button, and buy yourselves a few extra moments. Every time you die, coming back is going to be much harder. Expect the unexpected Dont forget, the environment is not your friend. All of the levels are designed to make your life more…interesting. Depending on the map, you’ll be dealing with new rules, traps and game altering Lava Tridents, Spears or Swords. If you run out of ammo, headbang to get more. Enjoy the cartoon bloodshed! Flawless soundtrack Your glorious journey, wouldn’t be complete without an incredible soundtrack. Music is the cherry on top of this game. It’s a real treat for all metal fans. Soundtracks and sound effects were made by the veteran duo Fat Bard.

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