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Elsword: new update includes Add as ninth playable character


Today we get the latest update of Gameforge’s anime MMORPG, Elsword, and that is that the selection of heroes receives a new hero. add He is the craziest of them all and, thanks to his dynamo mode, he is unbeatable in combat.

The power of dynamos!
Isolated and forgotten by the world, Add created the powerful Nasod dynamos. These weapons, made up of remnants of once-all-powerful robotic beings, allow him to gather dynamo points through his normal attacks, with which he can activate dynamo mode. In this state, Add’s abilities are immeasurably enhanced, allowing him to unleash an unstoppable barrage of destructive attacks on his enemies.

genius and madness

Add, a keen inventor and scientist, began a promising career in his youth. Until he broke the taboo of pretending to make Nasod with superhuman capabilities. His family died and Add was sold into slavery. Trying to escape, he fell down a ravine and ended up in an abandoned library where time followed different rules. When he finally managed to escape after years of meditation and study, the world had changed a lot. But Add himself was also a different personae…

In an era that is no longer his own, Add yearns for the knowledge and power to build a machine that will take him home. But he meanwhile studies the Nasod, in particular Eve, the Nasod Queen, whose perfect codes so appeal to him that he continues to pursue her to this day.

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