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Empire of Sin Releases on December 1st

Romero Games’ crime-centric strategy title Empire of Sin is coming this Winter. It’s out on December 1st and will release for Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC and PS4. A new trailer was also released during yesterday’s Nintendo Direct Mini – check it out below.

The trailer serves to highlight Goldie and her gang, the Fortune Tellers. A performer by trade, Goldie is one of the many crime bosses in Prohibition-era Chicago that’s out to rule everything. Pitting the other bosses against and gunning down fools are only some of the things that players will be capable of in Empire of Sin.

Players will choose one of 14 crime bosses and set about controlling the the city, managing establishments and supply chains while keeping rival gangs at bay. Combat is more turn-based and allows for the use of different special abilities. All in all, the gameplay an interesting divergence from Paradox Interactive’s grand strategy titles while still having some manner of empire management. Stay tuned for more details on it in the coming months.

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