The Epic Games Store also has a new game gift prepared today, so you can turn it open. This time she’s waiting complete version of Unrailed! for you. A lot of work starts at 5 o’clock. You’ll have a week to link the free game to your Epic Games Store account. If you’re doing that by August 11th, unlock Unrailed! Keep it on keeping an eye on it and play it as often as you want. To add its full version to the game collection, users only need to connect it within the promotional period.

I can’t get this time for free.

Unrailed is an arcade game for up to four players. The goal is to ride a train on the move through a difficult area. You should lay more rails as soon as possible. It’s trickier than most of it sounds. Every tool has only one skeleton; teamwork and coordination are crucial to all of the work. In addition to that, you often need to purchase new raw materials for construction of trains under continuous time pressure. You need fun chaos.

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Epic stores: This free game will be available next week.

This game is going to be available on the Epic Games Store next week.

FINAL FANTASY XIV: Today, you can buy 30% discount.

The Final Fantasy Summer Sale starts today. Get a brilliant 30% off the complete edition of FFXIV #ad through the 17th August.

Get the Lawn Motor Simulator, too.

Until unrailed unlocks! Let’s add Lawn Mowing Simulator, this afternoon. The download platform has given away the funny lawnmower simulator since last Thursday. As a gift, find out which full version you can get from next week at five o’clock on the Epic Games Store.