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Escape from Tarkov patch 0.9 sneak peek with first scav boss, new grenades and gear

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Escape from Tarkov brings us a new video with a look at many of the novelties that we can see in the patch 0.9. Among the novelties we will have the first scav bosstwo new types of grenades (flash and smoke) and new weapons and equipment. They also arrive colored arm bands to be able to identify friends.

Some of the news:

  • Added the first of the planned Scav bosses: “Dealmaker” His favorite places are the bedrooms and the gas station in Customs. His leadership skills allowed Dealmaker to easily round up a gang of former factory workers. Well armed, they continue to make their own rules in Tarkov. The Dealmaker prefers to avoid fair fights, quickly retreating to safety and leaving his men to deal with the enemy. The boss does not make an appearance on the spot every time, but with a certain chance.
  • Added flash grenades
  • Added smoke grenades
  • Added Nvidia Highlights, recording episodes of your firefights, if your graphics card supports this technology.
  • Added basic colored armbands, players can now choose the color to make it easier to distinguish between friend and foe in combat.
  • Fixes to game freezes and stuttering
  • further improved anti-cheat and fixed disconnections associated with anti-cheat
  • additional graphical optimization (in preparation for the animation optimization phase)
  • Correction of several other bugs

Here you have the preliminary notes of the patch translated by kalurosu in the Escape from Tarkov forums


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