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ETS2 DLCs Reviewed on Steam: the Newer, the Worse

Euro Truck Simulator fans can’t complain about a shortage of DLCs, but they have other reasons to be dissatisfied. At least in theory.

After ten years Euro Truck Simulator 2 still attracts crowds of players on Steam, and the developers continue to polish their game. To date, the title has received seven major expansions (as well as countless minor DLCs), with two more on the way.

But have all the expansions been as successful as the enduring popularity of Euro Truck Simulator 2 suggests? The answer to this question may be provided by the opinions of Steam users on the expansions released so far.

Quality decline in ETS2 DLCs

Old and rusty

So far, none of the expansions have matched the base game not only in terms of popularity (which is obvious), but also in terms of the ratings of Steam users. The best performer is Scandinavia, which has the most reviews – both overall (5655) and only the positive ones (95%).

No other expansion reached 4 thousand reviews. The fewest number of players reviewed the latest Iberia, which is also the worst-rated DLC for ETS 2. It is also the only DLC with a percentage of positive reviews below 80% (76%).

One can even observe a downward trend, as also the two penultimate DLCs – Baltic Shock and Road to the Sea – were rated worse by users of Valve’s platform.

This does not mean that the oldest and formally best expansions are not criticized. The main problem is precisely their age. Going East is already 9 years old, and in places this is all too evident.

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