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EverQuest Next Conference – New Classes and Combat

And just after the conference on Landmark came another of the highlights of the night. The conference with the news in the development of EverQuestNext.

The first thing was to explain to us why they have been so quiet about EverQuest Next since they announced it last year. They’ve been involved with the development of Landmark, but that’s not to say they don’t work on EQ Next. All the basic tools and functions that they are creating for Landmark (water, swimming, caves, social systems, combat…) are the fundamental foundations of the creation of EverQuest Next.

The first part of the conference was to show us how they have invited the Landmark community to participate in the creation of EQ Next and for them we are introduced to the new breed of dark elves and a city created by the players with the guides that SOE gave them about this race.

The rest of the conference revolved around the 3 new classes that were introduced. The Cleric, the Elementalist and the Tempest. From all of these classes we were given an extensive look at various of their abilities and the combat between the different classes. A fight that gave us the feeling of being very dynamic and intuitive. Also very interesting is the use of scenarios that can be broken with different attacks and as some skills combine between them.

Then I leave you with the complete EQ NExt conference that begins on the minute 8:00 of video.


Remember that EQ Next will have a system of lessons multiple where players will be able to combine and adapt these classes to their needs and playstyles.

The game is still very green but it is impressive how the entire development team is working so that the community gets involved to the maximum with the developers in the creation of the game.


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