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Everyone Matters in the Latest Albion Online Trailer

On August 1, the German developer Sandbox interactive, will open the servers of Albion Online for the start of the final beta of the sandbox MMORPG. This will give to the 160,000 Founders access to a lot of changes and new features. All this with the aim of preparing the official start of this multiplatform game at the end of this year.

In Albion Online Stories are written by players, and their actions influence the game world. Users can choose which they want to be: be it an adventurer, a hard-working peasant, a reckless outlaw, or a masterful craftsman. No matter what each player wants to be, he will find his own place in the vast world of Albion.

The new trailer for the Final Beta shows how the actions of each player, and those of their guild, allow them to shape the world of Albion. It shows how the participation of each player, their commitment, shapes the stories that happen in Albion Online, and that everyone matters.

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