Evil Geniuses continue to be a strong presence on the VALORANT-Awards scene following the acquisition of the former Dignitas women’s roster.

The female roster, called EG VALORANT or EG Game Changers VALORANT, includes captain Emmalee EMUHLEET Garrido, Amanda rain Smith, Juliana Showliana Maransaldi, Melisa theia Mundorff and Stefanie Jones. According to EGs announcement tweet, David Xp3 Garrido will also be hired as a coach. Yet an exclusive interview with the Washington Post says that director of the main roster, Christine potter Chi, will oversee both teams.

It’s time for change. Please join us in welcoming our second #VALORANT roster to EG.Game Changers are here to dominate and #LIVEEVIL! @EMUHLEET @raint @showliana @Stefxniee Coach: @XP3cs pic.twitter.com/pidpdcVFD.

Evil Geniuses (@evilgeniuses) August 4, 2022.

In the Washington Post interview, Nicole LaPointe Jameson, Jameson said the GM Game Changers roster will move to the Los Angeles facility where they can receive paid for housing, physical conditioning, nutrition and data-driven training. The teams’ debut will begin on Aug. 6 – an event the players were qualified to and under the Dignitas Female banner while the women were in the dignitas.

The acquisition of the Game Changers roster is the latest step forward for a growing VALORANT division at EG. The organization came on with the first mixed roster at the start of 2021 but eventually sided with all of those players except the potter who eventually took over as head coach. After having a poor start to one of the final rounds of the NA VCT this year, the team re-re-worked and finished sixth in the second stage, which earned qualification for the LCQ. As always, true professional Stewie2K has finally stepped back from the active EG CS:GO roster to concentrate on focusing on the streaming of VALORANT.

EG wants to improve its stake in VALORANT with a partnered spot in VCT 2023. In July 23, Jameson said that EG remains in the running for a slot.