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Faction Wars coming to Albion Online with its Merlyn update

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Merlin is the fourth major update to Albion Online since the game’s launch, bringing many improvements and changes to the world of Albion. The most notable is the faction war, a new system that allows players to join one of five factions in each major city on the Royal Continent: Martlock, Fort Sterling, Thetford, Bridgewatch and Lymhurst. In this talk with Sandbox, Robin Henkys, Game Director for Albion Online, gives us an overview of this new system.

1. What is a faction war?

The Faction War is a system that allows players to engage in a conflict between rival cities on the Royal Continent. This is part of our plans to strengthen the role of Royal Cities and offer Guilds, as well as solo and guild-less players, true open world PvP opportunities on the Royal Continent, without fear of repercussions from the reputation.
In addition, we are simultaneously introducing new resources, new items, and new mounts, which can be used by all players regardless of their progress.

2. How does it work?

Joining a Faction

  • Players can enlist with the Faction General in one of the five Faction cities on the Royal Continent.
  • When using the PvP faction marker, it is no longer possible to enter the capitals of factions other than your own, or even Caerleon.
  • On the other hand, it will be possible to attack members of other factions freely. There is a fairly complex set of rules that dictate who can attack who, but to put it simply: Faction players can help members of their own faction and attack those of other factions. Blue players cannot attack faction-marked players (and vice versa) while red players can attack everyone, including players from all factions.
  • Whenever you are faction tagged, your cloak will change emblem and color to your faction style and you will be able to take on guild or alliance members of a different faction.
  • You will also be able to join the faction discussion channel, which will allow you to better coordinate with other players in your faction, form groups, etc.
  • Finally, joining a faction allows you to participate in faction trade missions, which we’ll discuss in another video.
  • Of course, you are free to leave a faction, which is equivalent to changing your status similar to the PvP status, from hostile to friendly.

Faction Points and Reputation

Being able to attack other players is not the only benefit of marking yourself as a faction, by being marked you can also gain faction points and reputation with the faction you are working with.

There are three ways to get faction points:

  1. PvE
  2. Harvesting/Fishing
  3. Capturing Outposts
  • When doing PvE or Gathering/Fishing, the amount of faction points earned will depend on the amount of Fame earned, with different factors used for each activity.
  • The idea is that players can choose to activate Faction Warmarks, taking risks in open-world PvP for additional rewards in the form of faction points.
  • Capturing Outposts will allow players to capture specific locations for their city, earning faction points for each location captured.
  • Faction points can be spent on rewards in the faction store, and these will also increase your reputation with the faction. Reputation slightly increases faction point gain, and also unlocks the ability to acquire better rewards.

3. Faction War Rewards

There are three different, all of these new rewards can be purchased through the faction store:

  • Heart of the City Fragments: These shards, pieces of a powerful magical resource that grows in the heart of the city, can be used in resource refinement to reduce the amount of raw resources needed. They are also used to craft some ingredients for other faction items.
  • Faction Layers: The start of a complete new line slot for layers to enhance your composition.
  • Mount Cloaks: A new set of baby animals that can be raised as unique mounts by a farmer.

In addition to these tangible rewards, there will also be a new faction assassin fame leaderboard, allowing players from the same faction to compete with each other.

That’s all for now – stay tuned for our next Dev Talk, where we’ll be talking deeply to Factions Rewards, Faction Trade Missionsand the Outpost Capture.

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