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Fallout 76 will not have cross-play on PlayStation 4

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Fallout 76 will not have cross-play on PlayStation 4. It seems incredible that in a game of this type, focused on multiplayer, it is linked to this news. It is not a rumour, director Todd Howard confirmed it in a recent interview with a German video game portal.

If your intention is to play with friends from other platforms, you will do well to buy the game for PC or Xbox. Sony is still in its thirteen to block cross-play between players. This is not a new problem as players of other games like Fortnite or Diablo III have been suffering from it for some time.

Howard explained that they wanted, and want, to make the game multiplayer and that the platform used does not matter, but this is not possible, because of Sony itself. These words are part of a fragment of an interview granted to gamestar.de.

Neither Sony nor Bethesda have come out to deny Todd, so we will hardly see a change in this behavior.

Source | gamestar.de via cnet


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