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Fear The Wolves delays its release by a few weeks

Fear The Wolves is the new battle royale developed by Vostok Games. The game was scheduled for release in early access on steam this July 18. The game had in closed beta the last few days and thanks precisely to the comments of the players of that closed beta they have decided delay launch.

It seems that Fear The Wolves was not as prepared as its developers expected. In order to continue improving and collecting information, the closed beta will continue until the launch on the new early access date.

The positive response from the community encouraged us to delay the release of Early Access to ensure that the well-received core experience is not marred by technical issues. In addition to fixing these issues, this delay will also allow us to improve other aspects of the game, thanks to the huge amounts of data and player feedback gained through testing.

The game will be released in early access later this summer. And it will be fully launched during the next 2019 for PC and consoles.

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