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FIFA 22 Locker Room: What’s new this week? (April 9th)

By Kes Eylers-Stephenson,

Welcome to the Locker Room. Here, we can talk about all of FIFA 22’s Ultimate Team mode news once a week. That includes a list of the Team of the Week cards, including our chosen pick, as well as the newest SBCs and the objectives for the week.

Team of the Week

In Week 29 of our offerings. We don’t really know how much use these players are. The highest-rated cards, the 91-rated right-wing version of Sterling, the 88-rated goalkeeper Sommer, and 93-rated left-winger Neymar, all have better cards or better options. That being said, the two forward players are obviously useful and slightly cheaper than their other, better cards, so enjoy them!

Our Pick: Delort (Nice — ST — 86)

With an 83-rated left-back Iago we had a rival candidate, but no one can deny that Delort has the background numbers that are primed to rock worlds with a chem-style. You can get him to 93-rated with a Marksman. It basically rounds out his shooting, dribbling and physicality to elite levels for 30k. That being said, he is three-star three-star, so this isn’t the most dreamy of cards in the world.


We have picked the currently available SBCs and priced them, as per FUTbin‘s amazing listings. Curtis Jones leads proceedings. The young Liverpool man gets an ambitious 89-rated CM card that sees his all-around numbers rocket. His 85-rated plus pace, passing, dribbling, and physical are really fabulous, and it doesn’t hurt that his shooting is over 80, too. A great card; even at 190k.

Aymeric Laporte gets a showdown card world of just over 200k. Shout out to the centre-back for his good pace, dribbling, physicality and solid dribbling and assign for a centre-back. It’s just unfortunate that he enters a position where Van Djik and Varane will not be moved by most players.

Objectives and Misc.

Silver Stars player De La Fuente and Thuler are available as showdown cards. That means eight goals, six assists, and three wins in the silver lounge are required. As far as I can see, there is nothing else that exciting this week!

Let us know your pick outs! Is anybody taking your fancy? Agree with our Player Pick from the TOTW? Let us know in the comments!

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