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FIFA 23 Web App Now Available But With Login Problems

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The FIFA 23 companion app is now available to some users, allowing them to manage their FUT 23 club.

FIFA 23 won’t debut until next week, but EA Sports has already released a new version of the FIFA Ultimate Team mode within the companion app. It lets you manage your soccer team from the mobile app or web browser, as well as collect rewards for returning to the game.

Players who had a FUT club established before August 1, 2022 can log into the app. If you had one but have deleted it afterwards, you will not get access. In addition, EA Sports requires you to have a “good history” if you want to use the transfer market.

Unfortunately, the “debut” did not go without problems. The developers of the last installment of FIFA (starting next year, the series will be released under a new name: EA Sports FC) have reported problems with logging into the FIFA 23 companion app. The glitch apparently only affects access via a web browser, although a post on Twitter does not provide any details.

FIFA 23 will debut on September 30 on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. The game is also heading to the Google Stadia service and on Nintendo Switch (in the so-called. Legacy Edition, so without many changes implemented in FIFA 22).

Recall that buyers of the Ultimate Edition will gain access to the game a few days earlier – they will be able to start playing on September 27. In addition, Electronic Arts recently revealed that the Game Pass service will enable users to test FIFA 23 for 10 hours as part of the trial version.

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