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Final Fantasy 14 brings back free trials from next week (2022 updated)

Free trials are coming back to Final Fantasy 14.

Final Fantasy 14 producer and director Naoki Yoshida made the announcement in his most recent Letter from the Producer Livestream broadcast (thanks, NME) earlier today, confirming the free trial will be available from 22nd February next week.

Free trials were pulled at the end of last year, after a massive increase in its player base resulted in long queues ahead of the release of the new expansion Endwalker. It only returned to sale a couple of weeks ago.

In other recent FF14 news, more deep dungeons are coming to Final Fantasy 14. Yoshida stopped short of detailing what they’ll contain and when, exactly, we’ll be able to play them, although he did confirm the roguelike adventures will arrive sometime with the 6.0 series of patch updates, the first of which we’re expecting in the next month or two.

Final Fantasy 14 is now the most profitable game in Square Enix’s RPG series. Yoshida revealed the milestone at an Endwalker expansion preview event at the end of last year, confirming that the MMO has now surpassed 24 million players. It comes 11 years after the game was originally released and critically panned in its initial state. In a chart shared with the press, the game had four million registered users in 2015, then hit 10 million at the release of the third expansion, Stormblood, in 2017. Since then, the numbers have doubled.

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