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Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker is Seeing 160-180% More Pre-orders Than Shadowbringers

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Beloved MMORPG Final Fantasy 14’s upcoming fourth major expansion, Endwalker, is looking like it’s going to be bigger and better than all previous expansions for the game to date- which is really saying something, considering how excellent the past three Final Fantasy 14 expansions have been. Fans are clearly excited about it thought, and it seems that’s being reflected in its early pre-launch commercial performance as well.

During a recent stream focused on Final Fantasy 14 (translation via ResetEra), director and producer Naoko Yoshida revealed that it had already seen about 160-180% more pre-orders than the 2019 expansion Shadowbringers did. Yoshida also said that the MMORPG’s player count has grown to the stage where Square Enix is now planning a “multi-million dollar investment” to expand and improve the game’s servers- though that’s not going to happen before version 6.0 is out later this year.

Even so, that – combined with the fact that Square Enix as at least five more years’ worth of content planned for the game and might even consider completely updating its graphics engine in the future – just drives home the point that Final Fantasy 14 is going to be sticking around and expanding for a long time (not that that was ever in doubt).

Final Fantasy 14 is available on PS5, PS4, and PC, and might some day launch for Xbox as well (maybe). Endwalker is launching on November 23.

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