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Final Fantasy 16 Might Not be Shown at TGS 2021, Producer Says

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Since its announcement last year, there haven’t been a great many updates on Final Fantasy 16, but fans have been holding out hope that Square Enix will have more to show of the RPG in the coming weeks and months, especially with producer Naoki Yoshida having said late last year that Square Enix was planning several announcements on the game for 2021.

Of course, with E3 having come and gone without any trace of Final Fantasy 16, fans are hoping that future events like State of Play presentations or Tokyo Game Show will be where it finally shows up. However, it seems unlikely that a trailer of the game will be shown off in the coming weeks. At a recent Final Fantasy 14 livestream (translated by @aitaikimochi on Twitter), Yoshida said that Final Fantasy 16 might not be shown at Tokyo Game Show, which is scheduled for late September.

Yoshida said that development on the game is progressing well, with work on all scenarios having been completing and voice recording for the game’s English version almost entirely done. He then went on to add that in spite of that, the next time they show the game, he wants it to be done and close to launch, so that people will want to (and can) buy it soon.

Echoing earlier statements, he also said that he doesn’t want to string along fans with smaller updates on the game.

Final Fantasy 16, whenever it launches will be available for PS5.

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