The island of Sanctuaries will feature some of the most anticipated features of the Final Fantasy XIV 6.2 patch series, which will go on sale with Patch 6.25. The patch that includes this feature will come after the 6.2 update of the late august update.

The developers have given fans hints about what will be included in the new feature, but more information is expected in the next few weeks in the second part of the Live Letter, set for Aug. 12. Two images posted yesterday on Twitter show the island of San Jose.

Island Sanctuary is going to be coming soon!Go ahead, jump in

FINAL FANTASY XIV (@F_XIV/EN) August 4 2022 22:2022.

The new 6.2-game series called Buried Memory will include the addition of Sanctuaries, which a full-service area isn’t included in the game, if there are a limited inventory to the entire island. The island will likely be soon after 6.2 initially launches and developers have said it will come with Patch 6.25.

The picture that was released via Twitter shows a serene, rocky lake with an ice-water edge. It has a diverse flora in the image, but no clue what it sounds like in the collectible.

Image via Square Enix.

Players can grow crops in this territory, craft instruments, collect materials, and collect and care the creatures you find that roamed in the sea. Although the image released this morning shows what the scenery looks like, fans are still eager to see what the base structure will look like on the island – the developers said it won’t replace player housing.

In addition, the island will be massive, based on an image from Live Letter 71 that shows a speck of a Roegadyn, apparently in an unblurred portion of the photo. This image is probably very small on the island.

Photos via Square Enix.

Fans will get better in the image of the Island size and more details about how the island will operate and how players can perform on it during Live Letter 72 on Aug. 12. Players also want to know if the island’s sanctuaries will be included in the live letter.