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Find your fortune in Barn Finders

Call me naïve, but I was gutted when I found out that Storage Hunters was a scripted TV show. Looking back, the quirky characters and wacky adventures just seemed too good to be true, and they were. Don’t get me wrong, that kind of behaviour exists, but perhaps just not to that extreme. But extreme in Storage Hunters is nothing compared to the extreme in junk hunting simulator Barn Finders, out today on Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation.

Bidding on auctions is just the beginning in Barn Finders. After collecting your winnings, you will need to sell them in your pawn shop. Some items can be sold straight away, others may need renovating or sprucing up before being made available.

Along with good old Uncle Billy, travel across Ameryka – an alternate reality America – and visit 12 unique locations. There are those you would expect: barns, storage lots and abandoned places. There are also those you would not expect: old military bases and maybe even the moon?

Barn Finders features a suitably bonkers storyline too. Don’t believe us? Then have a read of our review here to get the lowdown.

Available to download now on the Xbox Store, Barn Finders will cost you £14.99. Hey, at least you don’t need to go junk hunting for it. It even comes with an introductory discount for those early adopters, dropping the price down to £11.99 for a brief period.

Fancy yourself a bit of a bargain hunter? Time to put your money where your mouth is in Barn Finders. Let us know in the comments if you will be picking this one up.

Game description

Search for valuables stashed in abandoned barns ranging from old clocks, musical instruments, antiques, gold, weaponry to even vintage cars and motorcycles and sell them for a profit. Run your family business. Look for valuable items and sell them in your pawnshop. Every item has a value, so collect everything and search everywhere! Bid on auctions and sales to get access to closed-off properties. Who knows what kind of dusty treasures you can find there? Visit 12 original locations and unearth their secrets in the land of Ammeryka (largely similar to the real America, but not quite). Barns are just the beginning. How about a visit to an old military base or . . . the moon? Take care of developing your shop. Empty shelves mean an empty wallet. Customers will come back if they have something to come back for. Fix found items, clean the dirty ones and sell them all. And if there are no customers, you can always play basketball in your backyard. And somehow, make money while playing.. Uncle Billy will keep you busy. Together you’ll explore different locations, but the real work is all for you to do. That is, until you go solo. Eventually. Being a real Barn Finder is a state of mind – a job for the brave and the bold. Your competitors are specialists and they are just waiting for you to slip up.

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