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First “Community Video” of Bless Online answering questions and concerns from fans

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The Bless Online team has thought that to improve the communication with fans and players it was a good time to start a video series to answer questions. In this first episode Penta The Panther the CM of Bless Online, wants to answer some questions and calm the concerns of fans.

Comment that they have had new support team hires to respond to all player tickets. A new CM who joins the team to bring the issue of emissaries. Assure fans that there will be no problems with the consolidation of servers with respect to the sway of factions. And that they hope to build a strong community with all the fans and share more videos coming soon.

Recently Bless Online was updated with a patch with improvements in the loot and the action camera for some of its characters. And very soon there will be consolidation or merger of servers.


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