FUT Esports, an esports organisation in Turkey, successfully became one of the Riot Games partners for the FMEA VALORANT league 2023.

The last EMEA spot was unknown until today, when the Riot official announced. Blix reported that KOI, Karmine Korp, Fnatic, Vitality, Natus Vincere, Heretics, BBL Esports, Giants, and Team Liquid had been accepted in the EMEA league, making the community wondering what organization would take that last spot.

Welcome to the next era of #VCT. We are proud to introduce the 30 teams who will compete in the VALORANT Champions Tour in 2023.

VALORANT Champions Tour (@ValorantEsports) September 21, 2022

FUT was founded in April 2017 and officially entered the VALORANT competition with the signing of the LOCK in October 2020. The group has a total of 58 cities. These include: the Bay Islands, Bossyiku, Manuukan Kraban and Harekt, Harki, Malayi, Mohammad Hasland, Sahu, Wat, Jassi T. Kukis.

FUT attended the Western Turkey Conference in 2021, and the United Arab Emirates in 2022 after they failed to qualify for the European Challengers One in January. Their best result this year was to win the VRL 2022 finals in August over Vitality.

With the confirmation of FUT in the EMEA 2023 table, Turkey will have two representatives, FUT and BBL. This country has a huge audience for VALORANT tournaments and is the home of one of the world’s finest players, Acend star Mehmet Yagz cNed Ipek.

The partnership programme for VALORANT includes 30 teams and 3 teams: EMEA, America, and Asia. The tournament for the program’s partners will take place in Sao Paulo (Brasilia) from February 14 to March 5.