Fitbit is preparing for the launch of three new wearables, Sense 2, Versa 4.

The three new gadgets have been discovered in pictures and are available for all tastes and affordable prices.

1. Fitbit Sense 2 inherits design from its predecessor.

Fitbit is preparing to sell three new wearable devices to continue the series already available from the brand. In addition, the models Versa 4, Inspire 3, and Sense 2 are on the way to market.

To show us what we’ll see in these new devices, once again, Leaks and 91Mobiles met together to bring the first images of each of these new devices out to the public.

Let’s start with Sense 2 which, in every sense, will inherit the design of its predecessor. That, with a physical button on the front, will keep the round screen embedded in a square dial with a metal frame.

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In the details of the new smartwatch, there are few. But it’s expected that it will incorporate the same features as the previous model. In this sense, we can count on the monitoring of the stress levels, the SpO2-Sensor to monitor the blood oxygen levels and the heart rate tracking.

It may also support an ECG sensor, like a voice assistant. For those who want this last feature, it is possible that the new model will have more functionality than its predecessor.

The Fitbit Sense 2 will come in three colors: Gold, Graphite and Platinum, and it can sell for nearly 290 euros on the market.

2. Fitbit Versa 4 comes with a design quite similar to the new Sense 2 Sense.

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In comparison to the previous generation, the Fitbit Versa 4 will appear similar to the Sense 2 model with the same curved screen that is honed in the square dial.

It will have the same specification as the previous model and have some modifications, so it’s expected to come equipped with GPS, voice assistant, and a handful of health-oriented features, as well as an adequate battery life.

However, it can’t be in this model yet that Fitbit will integrate the ECG sensor. Aside from its specifications, its similarity to Sense 2 and the more affordable price of Sense 2, it may be known as a Lite version of Sense 2.

3. Fitbit Inspire 3 will get it with a much-resired design tweak.

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There is no information available about the new smartband, but it will have the cheaper price than the two previous wearables.

But, in terms of design, the Inspire 3 will have a big welcome novelty. That, like the previous model, which had the dial separated from the strap, now the design boasts a beautiful connection between two pieces, showing an elegant and harmonious continuity.

Since these three new wearables are available now, there aren’t any details to date of their arrival.