Testing a new mechanic has started a flamethrower in the World of Tanks. The developers sent out an old car with the same kind of weapon to test. The plans are to test a number of hypotheses and evaluate the possible consequences of dealing with fire damage.

The German tank destroyer Kanonenjagdpanzer was used as a test model, since after reversing the armor in the frontal projection, it will be closest to the earliest prototype of the assault equipment designed to take pillboxes and bunkers.

Estimated performance characteristics of the first flamethrower tank:

This model is far from the last to the last, and for mechanics tests, the model is considered a model.

In World of Tanks, gameplay features flamethrower vehicles in Gameplay.

First of all, at the core of the three, it is worth paying attention to the particulars of the four and a half years old:

Shooting zone. Having limited reach allows this technique to play strictly at the distance of up to 150 meters. The presence of a certain drum with flamethrower-shots. On the enemy a debuff is imposed a stun (as if struck with self-propelled guns). The damage depends on enemy armor. You are most likely to be dealt less damage.

In a game (gameplay) introduces flamethrower tanks.

As you think, a new class of equipment in the battlefield will support, but unlike artillery, it’s going to be close combat. The flamethrower tanks can make it known as a damager, as sometimes happens with the same gun that pushes self-propulsion.

The flamethrower blast incapacitates staff members based on the current stun mechanic, so the lifespan is more important than the developers would like, and the duration of the debuff will probably be shortened.

It also told you what they plan to change the mechanics.

To get a little more control over the engine and a bit of the crew to provide for a better space for the specialized equipment and module (perhaps they will add add elements to existing equipment / field upgrades or introduce something new), would be interesting to me.

At the moment, the Supertest will also be reviewed by the consumables:

a manual fire extinguisher (normal) is activated automatically; small repair kits and first aid kits receive the same active effect as large ones (that is complete repair of modules and return to service by all crew members); Improved equipment will only be affected by an active effect, and a faster reload will increase quickly.

If the testing is successful, then we will see such vehicles in the game from 2023 – after the release of its jet-accelerated heavy tanks. In the past, all that has been announced by Lesta Games for the WOT RU region.