Fnatic has been granted a special roster addition for Worlds 2022 start. According to a statement from Riot Games, the Portuguese team called up Ruben Rhuckz Barbosa to help its ERL team, Fnatic TQ.

That news comes on the heels of a positive test for Fnatics, both on Friday and last Friday.

In a follow-up tweet, LoL Esports said it’s looking forward to seeing them at Worlds, pointing out that it was impossible for both Upset and Hylissang to rejoin the team if they could travel, and only with the exception of Fnatic being eliminated.

Competitive Operations Update: FNATIC RosterRiot Games granted FNATIC a call-only roster addition due to the fact that two players were a COVID player. Rhuckz, a member of the Fnatic TQ team, has been added to the FNC roster.

LoL Esports (@lolesports) September 26, 2022.

It’s the second year that Fnatic pulled a member of its roster out of the tournament just days before the match started. In 2021 AD carry Upset left Iceland due to a personal situation, leaving then-Fnatic Rising AD carry Louis BEAN Schmitz to play all six teams group stage games. They won one-to-5.

Support Mauno beansu Talli is listed as a substitute support for Fnatics. Other support include AD, EAN. It seems that without the help of the team, when it is time to write about who will take Upsets spot as the teams AD carry, there was no official word stating that BEAN could again be available under similar circumstances. He has been to Fnatic TQ for two years, a run that included an LVP spring- and EU Masters quarterfinal berth earlier this year.

A failure of Fnatic opens the Play-In Stage against both Evil Geniuses, who also field a substitute for the top of the lane, and Chiefs Esports Club on Friday.